Year Zero Labs is a social impact incubator aimed at growing student-led startups 

Get paid to launch your big idea

Applications open: November 24, 2021

Rolling admission until February 23rd, 2022


Kick Start Your Startup

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Build Your Next Big idea

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Keep All Your Equity, Get Paid, and Receive a Co-op Credit

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Additional Staffing Help

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Gain Mentorship

Eligibility Requirements

Be a student that is Canadian, Permanent Resident or Refugee 


Committed to 20 - 40+ Hours a Week 


Have an Idea That Might Change the World



All fellows must attend boot camp, the monthly summits, achieve their established milestones, and successfully launch to receive payment


Startup Bootcamp

Begin the term strong by learning key entrepreneurial skills 


Access to business development experts, brand strategists, web and product designers, social media marketing specialists, operations experts and more

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Launch Day

Launch your solution at the end of the term

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Monthly Summits

Monthly Summits led by industry mentors on topics for how you can grow your idea

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Quick 2-Step Process

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The application is designed to take up to 15 minutes. Apply here!

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Complete our 5-question recorded interview. If you are applying as a team, select one person to do the interview


Applications open: November 24, 2021

Rolling admission until February 23rd, 2022




Jenn Louie


Ex-Google, Facebook, Meetup

Founder & CEO of Kinvite


Kaejon Misuraca

Brand Designer 

Award-winning senior brand designer

Looka, Bookmark


Kunal Gupta


University of Waterloo Alumni | BASc Software Engineering Founder & CEO of Polar


Evan Ross


University of Waterloo Alumni | MMSc Management Science


Ziad Saab


20+ years of software development experience


Cristian Marquez

Lead Software Developer

12+ years of software development experience | Electronic engineering



Let’s Work Together

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a team to apply?

Teams are encouraged but strong individual candidates will be considered as well.

What idea should I apply with?

Year Zero Labs is an incubator for social impact ideas. Your idea should be partially validated by research, but we encourage all those interested to apply with your idea at any stage.

Will I be paid?

Yes, this an opportunity to be paid or invested in to work on your startup for a co-op credit.

What are the interview questions?

1. 3-minute pitch (who you are, the problem, the problem owner, your connection to the problem, solution) 2. What is your research and progress to date and next steps in the evolution? 3. Do you have competitors and who are they? 4. Why're you the best possible people to solve this problem? 5. What do you anticipate your support needs are to launch it?

Do I have to be on a co-op or an internship to apply?

The YZLabs incubator is designed to align closely with internship and co-op requirements, but part-time may be available. Please indicate whether you are interested in part-time or a full-time opportunity in the application.

How much equity does Year Zero Labs take?

None! You keep all of your equity.

What are the expectations for me?

Our mentors will work with you to develop a business plan and timeline. All fellows must attend bootcamp, the monthly summits, achieve their established milestones and successfully launch to receive payment. Full-time paid fellows are expected to work on their idea for 40 hours each week.

Is there a schedule or timeline for the term?

Here is the programming you can expect:
1. Direct line to schedule time with your mentors at any time throughout the term 2. Biweekly learning sessions on topics that include branding, design thinking, low-code prototypes and more

3. Monthly summit led by by industry experts on growing your idea. Time will also be alloted to share your progress with your mentors and peers.

4. Launch day at the end of the term