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Click on the interview relevant to your role, and create a SparkHire account. Make sure you use the same school email that you used on your application! 


Follow the prompts to confirm your personal information.


Follow the interview instruction and tutorial on how to complete the SparkHire interview. You will be given unlimited takes to get familiar with SparkHire.


Interview for Entrepreneurship Fellow

  • The interview process will take no longer than 10 minutes

  • There will be 5 questions in total

  • You will be given 3 minutes for each question and  unlimited takes to record a response 

Important notes:

  • Please click “Submit” in the top right-hand corner (see below) after recording each response. Please avoid using the “skip” button, as this deletes your response and submits a blank response for that specific interview question

  • Within 24 hours of completing the Typeform Application, ensure that you complete the SparkHire video interview to be considered

Interview Questions

1. Give us a 3-minute pitch on your idea (who you are, the problem, the problem owner, your connection to the problem, solution)

2. What research and progress have you accomplished to date and what are the next steps in the evolution?

3. Do you have competitors and who are they?

4. Why are you the best possible person/people to solve this problem?

5. What do you anticipate your support needs are to launch it? Why is Year Zero the best support to launch it?